ADB Explained

For people who are used to tweaking and making customizations, they might as well be familiar with the Android Debug Bridge or what is commonly referred to as ADB. If you are new to the world of ROM customization and personalization experiences, then it might all seem like a black art to you.

It is a tool that that many have found to be incredibly useful for a range of reasons. It is commonly said that to know the meaning of anything, ask the maker. So checking up Google, it says Android Debug Bridge is a versatile tool that lets you manage the state of an emulator instance or Android-powered device”

In simple terms, you are given the capability to relate with and issue full customizations through your Personal Computer. So commands can easily be injected and executed from your computer! There are therefore a number of things that you can easily do with this tool just as there are many reasons that might prompt you to install it for your personal use and enjoyment. Here are a few of such reasons

Data Backup

There are many reasons while you might want to backup data on your LG G3 and knowing that it is always a necessary safeguard to have a copy of your data elsewhere, it is worth doing. You do not need to make any tweaks before having the need to have your details exported elsewhere as an alternative database. Do this as a precaution in case you get bricked

Push and Pull files

There are files that need to be pulled from your device when you need them just like you might want to have some others pushed as well. Whether you are updating your details or just accessing them, there is always a reason to do so when needed.

Generate logs for debugging/bug reporting

For those who are a bit more tech – savvy, looking at logs gives a clue as to what went wrong or provides a history on your background processes and updates.

Complementary Tools

There are a number of tools that help to make user experience of ADB a smooth one and some Graphical User Interface can be just perfect to save you time and make your work easier. They help to issue commands and help you find your way around vital tweaks that will enhance what you can get.

You will need to have some important drivers installed in your LG G3 to make your customization experience possible. These drivers make it possible for your device to be detected when connected to your PC. Thereby enabling syncing, exchange of data and other necessary steps that you intend to explore.

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