How To Re-Root LG G3

This is probably one of the best out on the market right now. It is packed with wonderful features such as its spectacular QHD Display, sleek design, super-fast processor and many more. But with these features, there is still a wide room for improvement and this is explored with a customization process.

How To Root LG G3 (Sprint)

You must be aware that if you are already rooted, but installed the latest Lollipop firmware (5.0.2), then re-rooting and applying this new method that you can find below to LS990ZVA is a must.

How to Root LG G3 (Verizon)

The VS985 or LGE-VS985 4G models are among the best launch in 2014. The 13-megapixel optical image camera with 2560×1440 (quad HD) screen feature was loved by the users. In spite of the positives, the bloatware was not liked by the people. The feature was completely unwanted.