How To Root LG G3 – The Complete Guide

If you want to get your LG G3 rooted, then this is the place to be! I’ve gathered all resources found on this site, and combined an easy overview so you can quickly find the tutorial matching your device! So that being said, make sure to get the required tools before starting out. You can […]

How To Root LG G3 (AT&T)

Subsequent to the Galaxy S4 update, other At&T variants are also getting the enhanced software. Earlier the At&T LG G3 (D850) is now D85010f with the software modernization. But, are you expecting Android 5.0 Lollipop with this update?

How to Root LG G3 (D855)

You will need to follow a few steps. Before you start the process, you must remember the risks about the task. It will void the warranty of your handset. Also your personal data may be corrupted and lost. This is why, we recommend you to back up your personal contacts, photos and videos. Now, let’s find out the process.

How To Root LG G3 (D851)

Rooting is the simplest way to get full superuser access on your Android. This device is customized with Kitkat and Lollipop versions of android operating system. You will need a different approach for this task. Purple drake has introduced One click solution for the purpose. Bear in mind that this process will only be able to work with 4.4.2 and 5.0.2

How to Root LG G3 (D850)

It is now easy to root LG G3 D850 and to get full access over it. Purple drake has brought a new One Click Solution for this task. As it is a risky operation, you will need to be cautious about the saved data and information on your internal storage.

How To Root LG G3 Without The Use Of A Computer

Android devices come with different versions and sometimes what you get will be less than perfect or miles below the capability of existing upgrades that can be easily accessed. This gives room for people with unique insight to explore installing newer or optimized Android Versions that they can access in the quest.

How To Root LG G3 On 5.0.1

Are you ready to get the best out of your device? If you are then this tutorial is all that you need. Remember that you should NOT try this on other phones!

How To Root LG G3 On 4.4.2

By now you ought to have grown weary of your device. Here, you will find a neat tutorial on how to go about unlocking and exploiting some of the best features you have not yet tapped. This tutorial is exclusively for rooting and should not be tried on others.

How To Root LG G3 Without Tripping Knox

Rooting LG G3 without tripping Knox is to open up a new world of use experience that you have been hitherto shut out from. For newbies, fiddling with your handset based on factory settings can be enjoyable but when you are enlightened on the mileage that you can still go with the same phone that restricts your user experience, you will simple marvel.

How to Root LG G3 (Vigor)

The American model of this has come up with two versions of android operating system. You can easily do this on Kitkat or Lollipop so as to be able to manipulate the applications. You should however remember that this process will only be able to work on 4.4.2 and 5.0.2

How To Root LG G3 Running Lollipop

Do you wish to get an access to the world of Android and its unknown features or unapproved applications? Are you seeking to root LG G3 running Lollipop? Now, you can. Although this is an easy process, earlier there was no standard method to help in the process outlined below.

How To Root LG G3 Running KitKat

Rooting is a popular option for individuals who wish to extract every ounce of performance from their android devices. This is an amazing device with superb performance, so there’s hardly any reason not to go through with the said process which will give you the freedom to use and unlock the full capabilities that you may feel likes.

How To Re-Root LG G3

This is probably one of the best out on the market right now. It is packed with wonderful features such as its spectacular QHD Display, sleek design, super-fast processor and many more. But with these features, there is still a wide room for improvement and this is explored with a customization process.

How To Root LG G3 (Sprint)

You must be aware that if you are already rooted, but installed the latest Lollipop firmware (5.0.2), then re-rooting and applying this new method that you can find below to LS990ZVA is a must.

How to Root LG G3 (Verizon)

The VS985 or LGE-VS985 4G models are among the best launch in 2014. The 13-megapixel optical image camera with 2560×1440 (quad HD) screen feature was loved by the users. In spite of the positives, the bloatware was not liked by the people. The feature was completely unwanted.