ClockworkMod Recovery On LG G3

CWM recovery was developed by the software company, ClockworkMod, owned by Koushik “Koush” Dutta. The company is known for developing various android software as well. But primarily, they are well-known for developing this procedure.

What You Get

This type of recovery allows you to replace your stock recovery image and grants you a deeper level of access and control over your LG G3. This is just one approach you can use alongside options like TWRP recovery or Team Win Recovery Project.


  • It is always advised to have your contents backed up so you can have access to your data if anything goes wrong with the customization
  • Have your phone charged to at least 80% to avoid a shutdown while the process is ongoing
  • If you wish to retain your warranty, don’t go ahead with the process

In using this approach, you can create back-ups of your phone’s built-in storage and restore them easily. It also allows you to root as well as install, restore, or upgrade system software. This also allows you access to tons and tons of developer tools for your phone’s customization.

Before proceeding with the process, you’ll need to have a complete root access. After you complete this step, going ahead with this customization process becomes much easier.

If you want MODs installed with custom recoveries and more, use the following instructions and follow the processes


  1. To start, click here and download the required program files.
  2. Download ES File exe and run the app.
  3. After you finish downloading the recovery image file, locate the download folder and double click the .zip file.
  4. Still on you ES File explorer, tap extract at the bottom-left of your screen and after that, touch OK. This will extract your .img from the .zip folder.
  5. Go to Google play store, and download Flashify.
  6. When the SuperUser permissions pop up, tap “Grant” and then choose, “Recovery Image”.
  7. When a prompt comes up, select “Choose a File”.
  8. Then, using the path created by Flashify, go back to your download folder and choose the new folder the newly created image .zip file
  9. After finding your destination folder, click on the image file. That’s the one ending in .img and tap it
  10. A prompt will then again ask you, “Flash recovery?” choose “Yup!”
  11. After that, it will ask you another prompt and you should click, “Reboot now”.
  12. Your CWM recovery is now installed and you should be able to find it.

After following these steps, you are now able to perform tasks that you weren’t able to do before you completed this process. Find the apps you love and have these installed as you like with the super user features.

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