Download Mode On LG G3

The term “Download Mode” is used to describe the condition that makes it possible for image files to be flashed on smartphones and also serves as a new recovery for a customized ROM. Two common programs used to achieve this are the Odin and Heimdall and they are well rated for LG G3 and other related brands.

Tweaking is now possible with a connection to the PC and this procedure can be easily carried out with no fuss. You can access Stock Rom on the manufacturer’s website, download and have it installed.

What You Get

Developer option in some makes it possible to access the Bootloader mode and Fast boot mode, depending on the operating system you are using. On some Android, limited access is granted to the hardware and technicians often explore this when they need to run diagnosis on the phone.

With tools like the LG Flash, any user can as well access this mode and install a newer custom stock or get a firmware flashed to downgrade to the original one. It is important to know what to do in this mode as any mistake can risky and leave you bricked.

What You Need

To use enjoy this feature, it is important to have a USB cable to connect to the PC, have your computer ready. You might also need to have the Flash Tool properly installed so your phone can be easily recognized. The only exception will be if the driver already exists on your Mac otherwise you will need the services of a Windows PC too.

For the USB cable, it is easy to think any one that fits will get the job done but it is better you make use of the one supplied by the manufacturers. Sometimes, it can be the reason there will be a challenge with accessing this mode when you really want to.


The process is described as follows:

  • Power off to commence the process
  • Hold down the volume, press it up before connecting to your Personal Computer
  • To avoid detection errors, make sure you use the native USB cable. This is always recommended
  • Allow some time so that the driver can be installed
  • The download mode will show
  • It shows the process has completed successfully

You will be free to allow the normal mode to return now by powering up the control button. You might need to leave the cable on in case any updates are running at the background. Unplugging while this is going on can lead to bricking. When all these get done, you will be at liberty to have your custom ROMs installed and enjoy your customizations just as you want them be.

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