Download Stump Root For LG G3

Generally, a personal computer is required to run a full-proof rooting process. But you can perform it in your LG G3 easily without any computer. All you need is this specific tool that has been developed for this process. This has become one of the most popular applications because of its simplicity and comfort. It brings a low level change to your handset.


The latest version of this application is v1.2.0. It has come with a lot of changes. Firstly, the Bruteforcer has been rewritten to increase its power. Before this update, the app could not locate the attacking section. It took more than two hours only for locating the hardcode. But with a working internet connection, the location is found easily by the developers.

In this latest version, the processing time has been reduced more than 60%. Another important thing is that, this version allows the users to get support for older LGs.

You will have to back up personal information and data for the maximum protection. Otherwise, any damage can be vulnerable for your handset. Now, let’s find out how to use this in your  device.

  1. Download the latest Stump Root v1.2.0 from here. You should save the file to your internal storage for the safety of your files in external storage.
  2. Tap on the file to install it.
  3. Run the app. You should be running either Kitkat or Lollipop for compatibility purposes. So, the app will check the existing files. It will start to refresh them.
  4. Restart after you are asked to do so.
  5. Download another app called SuperSU from reliable app market. Usually, there are several similar apps in the Play Store. Download the original one and install it.
  6. Now, you have to uninstall the previous app. But keep the APK file in your storage for further use.

See? This is the easiest way for getting root access. The most amazing part is, you can unroot and then re-root with this application.

Temporarily this procedure will help you to run the phone smoothly. For permanent usefulness, you must complete a computer based process. Then your phone will be enabled to run anything that you want.

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