Download SuperSU On LG G3

SuperSU is a term that geeks and anyone who has sought for information on root access must be familiar anywhere in the world. It grants access management rights to all apps that are installed on your LG G3. It has been configured from the scratch in order to avoid the challenges seen with other Superuser access control tools

One glaring advantage that the ability to take control of your device confers is the management of the root settings and this will grant you the privilege to modify your Android software. Since it becomes easy to modify the hardware behavior as well, installing new apps and uninstalling others becomes your prerogative. On the whole you have better control over more apps that every before.


When you gain this overarching control with SuperSU, you also become susceptible to malware attacks and this can be seen from prism of the free access to several root apps since some are from outside the Play Store. The attendant privacy risk is also worthy of note since hackers and online ghouls plot to use app downloads as the fodder to seize control of your Android primary settings.


If you already have a working knowledge of how you can gain advanced management of your settings with the Superuser access rights, it could mean that you already have a compatible device. You also will probably already know that such modifications means you void your warranty and can only restore back to factory settings if you wish to have the warranty back in place.

No matter the class of user you fall into, this is how to exercise the right:

  • Make a list of the apps you have installed on your device with root access privileges as well. Your list should only accommodate the apps that you actively use and not just anyone installed.
  • Go to settings and select Re-authentication to have it enabled. Permission request will always show up whenever there is an upgrade or re-installation of any app.
  • Any permission can be revoked and you only need to tap an app to see if you need to modify the access to “Deny” or “Prompt” from “Grant”. So, whenever an app is launched, you will be prompted to terminate or allow.
  • Accessing the settings, select the options to disable Superuser or have it enabled.
  • For accessing Apps, navigate to settings to arrive at Default access, the select to “Deny “or” Grant” This process might be unavailable in some models, if so, ensure you reboot and go through the process again.

Sometimes, you find out that when you have been upgraded to a new version, your previous settings become inoperable, so when this occurs, you need to have these settings re-enabled so you can continue to enjoy as you want it.

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