Download USB Drivers For LG G3

Downloading and installing the USB drivers will establish a connection with your PC without requiring a PC Suite. In the absence of this, you need a PC suite to make it possible for a seamless connection to be established.

However, one common error people make is the attempt to sync with their PC without confirming if they have a functional PC suite. Assuming that once you attach your device with a USB cable will lead to an instant connection is a misconception and this clearly does not have a rationale. Without the right USB driver, you will struggle on without success.

Sometimes, when we connect to a computer, we get a notification that tells us whether you were properly installed or not. Usually, when the PC tells you “USB-not-recognized” it is because it doesn’t have the right driver.

The Goal

Installing USB Drivers on your PC will primarily allow you to establish a connection for you to access and run commands from your laptop or PC via a USB cable. Usually these are used by developers to create new apps by hardcore users who just like to tweak and customize.

If you are looking for a USB driver for your LG G3 you can choose to download the suitable match for you.


  1. To begin with, you need to download the appropriate package
  2. Once you click the link, you will be directed to Google Drive. You just need to click the download button from there and an executable file will be downloaded from your browser.
  3. After the download process, just follow the prompts on your PC and then you’re all set!

If in any case you still can’t establish a connection to your pc, try checking the following tips:

  • Plug to your PC and look for “Device Manager”. Click on it.
  • Then, right click on “Android composite ADB Interface”.
  • An uninstall prompt will appear. Check “Delete driver software…” and press “OK” button.
  • Unplug from your computer.
  • Begin by disabling USB Debugging. Go to Settings>>Developer Options>> then tick off the box beside USB debugging file
  • Try connecting with MTP mode enabled.
  • Plug back to the computer and let the drivers re-install automatically.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try these alternatives:
  • Connect using a different USB cable
  • Try using a different computer
  • Reboot your PC
  • Trying plugging in on different ports

After you successfully install your driver, your device can now happily connect with your PC so you can easily share data or do something pretty nerdy. It’s your call.

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