How to Flash Stock ROMs On LG G3

Things do go wrong when we least expect and that’s one feature of life that you cannot easily wish away. If after rooting your phone and things go wrong, or the performance is below your expectation or the process didn’t turn out well, you might have no option than to take necessary steps to flash stock ROMs after getting unrooted. So, if your LG G3 comes short of optimal performance after customization, you can have it returned to stock.

The restoration process begins with identifying the variant with its serial number and brand. Every model comes with its unique software, so any mistake will mean that the process will not complete successfully. This is necessary so that you can access the matching firmware and download it.


  • Be charged to at least 80% so that it does not shut down abruptly in the process.
  • Install the USB drivers that are compatible for you to be recognized by the PC that you will be using.
  • Power off and press the volume up tab, then have it connected with a USB to your PC so it can be on download mode
  • Navigate to manager on your PC and identify the LPT and COM ports , click on the COM port to reveal the serial number
  • Double click on phoneserial and navigate to the Port settings, then Advanced, locate the COM Port Number and select COM 41
  • Double click OK
  • Download the flash tool and have it unpacked and installed, following the prompts
  • Go to “Setup_LGFlashTool” file location and copy the Megalock.dl file to the flashtool file folder- C:\LG\LGFlashTool.
  • The next step is to have the .zip and .dll files pulled and have the .zip file unzipped to reveal the .TOT file
  • The next step is to double click FlashTool file to run it and on the top left corner of the window, click on manual mode option
  • Select “:…” and have the .dll firmware file clicked. Tap on the “Add” button by the top right corner of the open window and select the .TOT file, then select “OK”
  • The next step is to look at the top right corner of the window to identify the yellow arrow. Double click it and check the files and the “Ready” message will appear
  • When this appears, unplug your USB from the USB ports on your PC and plug in once again. You can now sit back a while the tool prompts the installation of the Stock ROMs.

Now that you have returned to stock, you can catch your breath and enjoy the now available factory settings. The decision is yours whether to plan a custom firmware installation for a later time by adhering strictly to the process. Either way, you have your phone fully functional and you can heave a sigh of relief once again.

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