How To Re-Root LG G3

This is probably one of the best out on the market right now. It is packed with wonderful features such as its spectacular QHD Display, sleek design, super-fast processor and many more. But with these features, there is still a wide room for improvement and this is explored with a customization process. It happens too that if you have gained root access to your device previously and for some reason, you are now considering re-rooting it. There is a need to clarify if it is possible to get this done and what conditions might propel you to do this.

Losing the Privilege

You take charge of your settings when the SuperSU gets installed and it becomes your means to control all the primary apps that you have.

When there is an OS upgrade, all the superuser privileges are lost as the android system partitions get eliminated and your will be restored to factory settings.

When the above occurs, you will be left with no option than to seek to go back to acquire the customization privileges that you have become so used to, having enjoyed the mechanism.

When you are Unsure

Sometimes to understand whether your device is already customized requires that you download a root-checker to confirm if the privileges are already exists. This is a simple process that requires a download from the Google Play Store. This is considered a better choice than to go over the customization process all over when you could have done a simple download to confirm the position.

Another step to take is to use the option of a terminator emulator, which you only need to launch on your device and issue the SU command and if it delivers an error message, it means the privileges are already lost. You will need to proceed to the next step


The safeguards are always necessary to follow and that will mean:

  • Backing up your content to a removable flash drive or a third party service like Google Drive or iCloud, so that you can always access your data when you need to at any time
  • Charging to at least 80%


  • Going ahead with the process means you will void your warranty
  • You could get bricked if errors are made in the customization process
  • It is your personal responsibility if you go ahead with this.

How to Customize with Stump

Now, Stump is very compatible with the US Versions.


  • Since Stump is not available on Play Store, you will have to enable access from “Unknown sources” to be able to install it.
  • Download Stump Root.
  • Run the app. After it opens, you will see the word “grind” and then, click that.
  • Reboot and now launch the installed app.
  • Install SuperSU so that you will have full control over customization privileges.

Now, you should’ve re-rooted the LG G3, enjoy your customizations with awesome glee.

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