How To Root LG G3 On 5.0.1

Are you ready to get the best out of your device? If you are then this tutorial is all that you need. Remember that you should NOT try this on other phones!

As a pointer, before you proceed, remember always that this procedure will expose you to potential bricking. Along these lines, this operation will also void your warranty. Therefore, you may proceed with the guide at your own risk.


Before you begin, make sure that you have everything ready by following these steps:

  • Ensure that you have charged to 60% or more.
  • Created a backup in the event that the procedure fails and you may want to recover your content.
  • You have Debugging mode enabled. If you haven’t done this already, do so by:
    – Going to settings.
    – Scroll down to find Developer options and tap this.
    – Scroll down to find build number and tap this 7 times.
    – You will get a notification that you are now a developer.
    – Go back to the settings main
    – Scroll down till you see the newly added Developer Option. Tap this.
    – On the new screen that pops up, Look for USB Debugging and check this.
    – That is it, you may now proceed.

Now, you simply have to follow these steps as outlined below:

  1. Download the below files on your computer.
    USB drivers.
  2. Install the driver package downloaded above.
  • Save the tools downloaded in step i above to a folder on your computer.
  1. Now connect your phone to your computer using a USB data cable.
  2. Open the folder in iii above and simply double click on the .bat
  3. The procedure will initiate. Simply wait for it to run to completion.
  • That is it, you can enjoy ROMs and make customizations as you may see fit.

Remember that getting the LG G3 on 5.0.1 rooted is risky and you should proceed with caution. Moreover, you should know that you may get a slower response or faster one during the procedure hence the need to be patient. The above procedures are sequential, hence the need to follow them as outlined. Finally, do not try this on other models, lest you spoil them.

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