How to Root LG G3 (D850)

It is now easy to root LG G3 D850 and to get full access over it. Purple drake has brought a new One Click Solution for this task. As it is a risky operation, you will need to be cautious about the saved data and information on your internal storage.


Deletion of any data is a common outcome of this activity. You must have more than 80% charge to complete it from the beginning to the end. Follow the below steps to begin the process bearing in mind that this will only work with android 4.4.2 and 5.0.2.

  1. A computer with working internet connection is required for starting the task. Download the primary file from this address. Save the file on your desktop so that you may find it easily.
  2. Before connecting to your computer, enable the USB Debugging mode first. Open the Settings option, go to About Phone and tap the Build Number for the seven times. Now, in the Developer Options, you have to check the box of Unknown Sources.
  3. Then connect to your computer. All the required drivers will be installed from your PC. Sometimes you may need to download the drivers. You should visit this link to get them
  4. In the zipped folder, there are three batch files for three different operating systems of your computer. Primarily, Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems are capable of doing the task for your smartphone. If you are using Windows, click on purpledrake_windows.bat twice.
  5. After clicking on the file, a command prompt window will be appeared. It will ask you to reboot into Download mode. You can activate the mode by pressing Home, Power and Volume Down keys altogether.
  6. The finalizing of your phone will begin with copying required files in your handset storage. You must make sure that the connection is left as it is and it is not interfered in any way. Otherwise, the entire process may fail leaving you on the worst case scenario, bricked.

When the rooting is done, you will be rebooted. That is it, you are now ready to enjoy full customizations and endless apps which can run once the device got rooted.

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