How to Root LG G3 (D855)

The European variant of this device has been modeled as D855. This was firstly introduced with 4.4.2. Later on, Lollipop has been included with the device. The rooting of this handset with 4.4.2 and 5.0.2 is same and really simple.


You will need to follow a few steps. Before you start the process, you must remember the risks about the task. It will void the warranty of your handset. Also your personal data may be corrupted and lost. This is why, we recommend you to back up your personal contacts, photos and videos. Now, let’s find out the process.

  1. You will need a personal computer. You will need several files downloaded on your computer before you proceed. You will need one click script and the USB drivers.
  2. After assembling all the required files, install the necessary Drivers on your computer. From the given link, download the file and extract it at the same folder where you have stored the drivers.
  3. Turn on the USB Debugging option of your device. Go to the Settings option, then General and lastly Software Information. Tap the option “Build Number” for the seven times. Now you can go to the Developer Option and turn on the USB Debugging.
  4. Connect to your computer using the USB data cable. Make sure that you have more than 75% battery charge left. Open the downloaded 7z zipped folder in the PC. Double Click on the batch file named as “LG Root Script.bat”.
  5. You will see information on the screen right after that. It will ask you to reboot. This is for starting the process of copying files.
  6. Sometimes the computer cannot recognize the device. You can switch MTP or PTP to enable the connection.
  7. Sometimes an error occurs with a warning of missing MSVCR100.dll file. For 32 bit Windows operating system, you will get that from here. If you are using 64 bit operating system, go here.
  8. After the process completes, the handset will reboot.

Experience the new and refreshed looks after you got the LG G3 d855 rooted!

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