How To Root LG G3 On 4.4.2

By now you ought to have grown weary of your device. Here, you will find a neat tutorial on how to go about unlocking and exploiting some of the best features you have not yet tapped. This tutorial is exclusively for rooting and should not be tried on others.

Always have in mind that the procedure will have two major drawbacks.

  • The risk of potential bricking.
  • Void your warranty

Thus, with these in mind, you may proceed with the process at your own risk.


Before you get started, you have to ensure that:

  • You have created an external backup of your content.
  • You have charged to over 70%
  • You have enough storage capacity as well as your external memory card as these will be used to copy the necessary files.
  • You have enabled USB Debugging mode. If you haven’t, do so as below:
    – make sure to open your Settings page and then Scroll down and locate Build Number
    – You now have to tap this 7 times and you will get a prompt that you are now a developer.
    – Go back to the Settings main page and look for the new Developer Option. Tap this.
    – Scroll and locate the USB Debugging then check this ad that it is.

The procedure below will be using IOroot. So, proceed as below.

  1. Download the latest version of IOroot here. Extract the downloaded file.
  2. Download and install LG USB drivers on your computer.
  • Important: Set the screen time out for your phone to about 30 minutes so that the procedure is not interrupted.
  1. Turn on airplane mode on and connect it to your computer with a USB data cable.
  2. Now move to your computer and open the folder you extracted the file you downloaded in step i.
  3. Double click on bat file.
  • You will simply have to sit and wait for the rootscript to be run on your phone after which it will reboot in recovery mode.
  • On the recovery interface, simply select the “apply update from adb, by choosing it using the volume keys and then pressing power button to initiate it.
  1. You will now have to wait for the whole process to complete. After that, you simply have to select reboot option.
  2. That is it, you just rooted LG G3 on 4.4.2!

The above procedure is sentential which means that all the steps have to be followed as stated. Moreover, always remember that different phones respond differently to the above process and hence the need to be patient. Finally, ensure that you only carry out the above on the specified model and not on other models.

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