How to Root LG G3 (Verizon)

The VS985 or LGE-VS985 4G models are among the best launch in 2014. The 13-megapixel optical image camera with 2560×1440 (quad HD) screen feature was loved by the users. In spite of the positives, the bloatware was not liked by the people. The feature was completely unwanted.

This fault can be fixed by rooting Verizon’s LG G3 and with a range of desktop software available which makes the process simple and easy. It takes hardly three to five minutes for the entire process. The problems of storage and battery life can be solved by applying the root.


Let’s check out the ways from beginning-

  • Make sure that you have installed the necessary driver packages for this model
  • Require fully charged or up to 80% and above
  • USB debugging must be enabled without fail
  • Important data backup must be taken completely
  • The warranty for the device is voided while rooting
  • The One Click tool latest edition is downloaded directly from avicohh or
  • For a safe process, you must ensure all the above-mentioned points
  • Once the USB debugging enabled, drivers installed, and your Device connected to PC, new root tool downloaded must be extracted in a folder
  • Locate the bat file named ‘LG Root script.bat’ with the script
  • Double click, hit run and enter in the GUI version and if script tool version then follow the given instruction
  • Let the tool run to completion without interference, as soon as it completes, you are no through. You can now enjoy lots and lots of applications on the go.

All thanks to Unjustified Dev, an XDA developer and user, for these simple steps that allows you to effortlessly unlock endless possibilities on your Lollipop with the use of a loophole in the firmware fastboot method.

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