How To Root LG G3 Without The Use Of A Computer

Android devices come with different versions and sometimes what you get will be less than perfect or miles below the capability of existing upgrades that can be easily accessed. This gives room for people with unique insight to explore installing newer or optimized Android Versions that they can access in the quest.

The Open source feature in many of the OS versions make them amenable to modification and personalization. It is therefore possible to have a new OS installed before the manufacturers release it in the app store. The alternative could be to beef up your existing software by adding new features to make your user experience more enjoyable.

There are options to explore when it comes to accessing ROMs but the first step is to unlock the bootloader and ensure that a custom recovery is flashed. From there, rooting is fluid and easy to follow. It is important to note that when you flash Custom ROMs, you are going to void your warranty and this can be unpredictable hence the risk of getting bricked.


If you decide to go ahead with this process, know that you do so at own risk knowing that anything could go wrong. Backup your device to a removable flash drive, Google drive or the iCloud to create a secondary data file you can access at any time.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

  1. Bigger storage space
  2. Freedom to install apps of your choice
  3. Freedom to uninstall apps you don’t want
  4. New actions like screenshot will be possible
  5. Longer battery life

The Towelroot Approach

One common method of completing this process is through the use of towelroot and with this, you do not need to use a computer to download anything subsidiary driver to complete the process.

Towelroot was released by geohot and is considered one of the safest means of customizing an Android device while bypassing the use of a PC and associated commands.


  1. Download the APK file and install it.
  1. Run the downloaded file, follow the prompts and click on “make it rain”. You should then get rebooted later on, about some few seconds later.
  2. Navigate to Google Play Store on your browser, download and Install the ‘Root Checker’ in order to confirm if the process was successful. The next step will be to install the SuperSU to manage your access to the apps you will need. Download the SuperSU apk to update the binaries but avoid the Play Store edition because it is outdated
  1. Here is the link to the latest, you need to have it extracted and install Superuser.apk manually from the file folder
  1. Navigate to the SuperSU app, click to open and also DoubleClick on theNormaloption if prompted to update.

Now that you rooted LG G3 without using a computer, you can now explore and enjoy amazing extra tools.

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