How To Root LG G3 Without Tripping Knox

Rooting LG G3 without tripping Knox is to open up a new world of use experience that you have been hitherto shut out from. For newbies, fiddling with your handset based on factory settings can be enjoyable but when you are enlightened on the mileage that you can still go with the same phone that restricts your user experience, you will simple marvel. In a new world that has become geekier, more and more people are accessing the customization experiences across numerous variants.

What is it?

Latest versions are equipped with “knox” which is a spy chip that detects if you have rooted or not. It is programmed with a value 0x0 and when it is triggered, it moves to 0x1 and it is simple irreversible. The only way to avoid this is to follow a painstaking process that has been proven successfully over time; otherwise your warranty will be voided.

While Samsung claims that this was installed to stop users from tampering with their factory settings in order not to lose their warranty before the allowable period ends. The real motivation is to stop you from expelling the stock ROM and introduce your custom ROM with more functionality.

What to Expect

  • Experience longer battery life with this customization process
  • You will gain more access to other apps and install them for your use
  • Uninstall unproductive apps that drain your battery power
  • If previously non-functional with your phone, you can now take screenshots


As exciting as the process might be, it has its cautions that must be attended to. You need to be warned that by going ahead with this process, you accept that you are responsible for loss of warranty, possible damage or any untoward outcome from the process outlines below.

As a safeguard, back up your contents to any third party storage base like iCloud, Google Drive or a simple removable flash drive, so you can have a second option to retrieve your data.

Make sure that you are fully charged to prevent it from shutting down during the process which might involve series of rebooting and powering down.

What to do to Overcome this

There are a number of ways to achieve this and it includes the use of a One-click-root-tool or the Towelroot amongst others.


  1. Navigate to the Towelroot homepage and download the exe file
  2. Navigate to your settings and on security tab, select your permissions to allow files from “unknown sources” , this is so because , you are downloading the exe file from outside the Google Store
  3. Navigate back to your downloaded file and double click to run and install it
  4. Go to your app folders to click on the app icon and ‘’make it rain’’ will appear, tap on it and wait a few seconds
  5. The phone will reboot on its own and complete the customization with KNOX values unchanged and warranty not voided.

So, you can go on and enjoy new apps, play custom games, install what you want with glee.

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