How To Unbrick LG G3

Getting your LG G3 bricked is never fun. It takes you an endless boot loop where the only thing you see is the android boot animation logo. And it’s going to be annoying that no matter what you do to shut it down and reboot, the same loop boot welcome logo will be there repeatedly.

Types of Bricking

Bricking can be classified into two: It can either be soft-bricked or hard-bricked. Hard-bricked types are the ones who suffered a fatal damage to its OS thus, making it harder for it to be revived. It refuses to go into recovery mode or download mode and doesn’t even show the android animation logo. Cases where there is any hard bricking are pretty low, though. They only happen when you mess with the OS of your phone and ended up deleting something you shouldn’t.

Soft-bricked types, though, are more common and relatively easier to fix. This happens when you use the wrong custom ROM. Soft-bricked ones disallow navigation to recovery mode but it allows you are able to access Download Mode.

Download mode, luckily, is what your phone needs when the need arises to install any Android firmware. And this is the key to unbricking.


Preparatory steps:

  • Make a backup of all your messages, apps, contacts and other important stuff because you never know how fatal this could get and it might end up deleting everything.
  • You’ll need a PC for you to downgrade or reinstall the stock Android OS.
  • USB Cable for connecting to your PC.
  • Disable antivirus and other security programs on your PC to avoid them interfering with the downgrading process.
  • Enable Developer options and also USB Debugging.
  • Charge your battery first.
  1. Access LG windows drivers.
  2. After downloading your PC Suite, turn off your phone
  3. Plug your into the PC while holding the volume up button. This will enable you to go into Download mode.
  4. Click Download mode.
  5. After this, Open your LG PC Suite.
  6. Locate and click on the Repair button. Follow the prompts
  7. Let the program do its job and be patient. After a while, when the program tells you it’s done, you can unplug your and you’re good to go.

And that’s it. You’ve unbricked LG G3. Keep in mind that you need to be careful with whatever you do with your custom applications so that you don’t end up getting hard bricked. Be careful when you handle deeper-level of access to it and do not meddle with functions that you are yet to fully understand. This will help you keep your data safe and will also prevent you from wasting unnecessary cash.

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