How To Unlock The Bootloader On LG G3

If you are yet to understand terms like these, it means you yet to be initiated into the world of Android rooting and hacking protocols. Whenever you need to access or install custom ROMs, you need to realize what needs to locked, unlocked, installed or uninstalled. The LG G3 customization cannot become a reality unless some vital processes are put in place to guarantee the needed access rights along with the installation of some peculiar apps.

Further Insight

An operating system cannot run unless there is an execution of the this feature, which is essentially a code that governs the OS. This governing code can be found on Personal Computers, laptops, and other techy tools. They come with their recognizable debugging environment and a set of instructions that are required for the booting of their host operating system kernel.

Every phone has a motley of processors and accompanying motherboard which makes it obvious that there will be variances in the specification of processing hardware that can be found on any of the Androids. This is not seen with thos that run iOS as they bear close semblance in hardware specifications so, the bootloaders are essentially the same.

Android Variations

The OS kernel in Android only boots normally with an instruction relayed by this tool. With every variant there are specific variants of this which are installed and this need to be understood so that the peculiarity can be appreciated. Some like eFuse command are installed in some brands by manufacturers to obstruct any attempt to get a custom ROM flashed. Attempting to override this element means that your phone will be damaged

The Lock

The Android OS is an open source software but Androids are equipped with locked bootloader’s in order to ensure that each user sticks to the OS version that was meant for the specific Android. This explains the reason while it is impossible to install a custom ROM without rooting and with forced attempts, you will get bricked and warranty is lost.


It is advised that you backup your content to any third party storage facility like the Google drive or icloud. Removable flash drive can also be helpful when saving your existing data and retrieving them is as simple as plug and play.


  • Make sure you are already rooted
  • On your Google Play Store, access and install Flashify and this makes it unnecessary to use your PC with ADB instructions. Note that with Flashify overriding the PC role, you don’t need any drivers installed
  • Download the unlocking app called Bump and is suited for all LG G3 variants. You only need to make sure you get the correct file that aligns with your model serial and you can confirm that by navigating through your settings to your hardware information from “About Phone
  • Open the Flashify file and select the recovery image and when prompted to flash the file, select yup!
  • Once the file gets flashed, you will be reboot, if not, power it off , then put it back on by pressing the volume and power tabs at the same time

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