How To Root LG G3 – The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide To Root Any LG G3, No Matter What Android Version or Provider.If you want to get your LG G3 rooted, then this is the place to be! I’ve gathered all resources found on this site, and combined an easy overview so you can quickly find the tutorial matching your device!

So that being said, make sure to get the required tools before starting out. You can get them from here: Rooting Tools

After you got the correct tools, then click on the appropriate links below to go to the relevant tutorials:

Android Versions:

Currently there are 2 major firmware’s, Lollipop (5.0+) and Kitkat (4.4+).




    • Stump Root
    • Towelroot – Created by XDA developer GeoHot, this is not like your average tool. You need not have your device connected, meaning that it works without using a computer. With this, you only install the app and let it run once in order to successfully root LG G3.

So again, make sure to get the correct tools first before you start. You can get them from here: Rooting Tools

Btw, here’s a nice video explaining the basic processes:

Final Note:

You may be wondering what’s there to gain with a LG G3 root? Well, this:

Many more apps  – There are many restrictions that will make it impossible for you to install specific apps. Some require certain permissions before being able to be installed, while some others require you to have a specific processor or be in a particular location. You are definitely stuck when this happens. However, now you have those restrictions and barriers removed!

More memory space – Some are sometimes of no use and they usually come pre-installed. These bloatware take up memory space and slow the performance dramatically. Without rooting, you cannot remove them, which means you will have to get used to the slow performance. Now you can!

Custom ROMs – Android is open-source software. This means anybody with the right skills can create better, customized versions of the OS and make same available to users. It is because of this we now have a good number of custom ROMs such as MIUI, CyanogenMod and OmniROM, which offer premium features for which carriers would want to charge a fee to use. You cannot enjoy these often features without performing the root. Well, now you can remove the standard OS!

Faster performance – It is not totally unusual for your device to perform slower with time, it’s only natural. However, without root access you will probably have to endure much slower performances. You’re now able to start overclocking and optimizing to deliver much faster performance than what you could ever imagine!

So, why not start rooting LG G3 today?

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